Interview with CA Assemblyman Brian Dahle

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Pensions cut for small town called Loyalton

“historic thing happened about two weeks ago and that was that the CalPERS board said you know what if you don’t pay the 1.6 million dollars into the CalPERS fund we’re going to cut your pensions and the county the city wasn’t able to generate that much revenue and so they cut the”

The crux of the problem is that returns haven’t been high enough

“it’s not just loyalton yeah it’s the state of California so we have somewhere around over a million public employees that belong to pers and you know the rate the return was supposed to be seven and a half percent and it’s not seven and a half percent and it needs its has been as low as zero in some years and as high as 16 in some years but it has an average at 7.5 so that is the crux of the problem ”

Cities have to meet those unfunded liabilities

“what happens when you have a change in that the employer which is the state city or county or special district has to offset that cost and they haven’t been doing it so there’s a 234 billion dollar unfunded pension that’s due to our employees and I just think it’s wrong that we as the employer the state or the counties or the city’s don’t put our employees first”

Moderator: let’s remember that some cities have already filed for bankruptcy

“let’s remember that some cities have already filed bankruptcy in large part because of pension obligations I’m thinking about San Bernardino I’m thinking about Stockton I’m thinking about Vallejo ”

Our priority right now apparently is not our employees

“our priority is apparently not our employees right now if it was we wouldn’t be adding new programs we were talking about their future which is in jeopardy and we need to quit bury our head in the sand and when you start talking about these issues most employees don’t even understand this they think it’s going to be there in the case of loyalton it is not there they actually cut their pensions ”

We have to take care of our employees

“until we as legislators and as boards of Supervisors and City Council members stand up and say you know what we’re going to take care of our employees we need to prioritize them in the budget it’s very simple please what do you do grow the economy get more tax revenue that means help business stay here so then public employees should be for business because it’s really who pays dit invisibility end of the day”


Interview with CA State Senator John Moorlach (R)

Charter Local Edition Interview

The next governor is going to walk into a buzzsaw with pensions

“they’re going to get the phone call you know everything’s fine leave our pensions alone and in any air you just keep going for that cliff and then it’s just going to be a mess…the next governor I’m worried about that friends going to walk into a buzz saw we’ll have to start dealing with all these lingering problems that we refuse to deal with because the unions were too powerful”