Interview with Corona Vice Mayor Karen Spiegel

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Accident on the 91 freeway can choke our city’s streets

” if there is a hiccup an accident what it does to corona age of stops entire city because cars get off the 15 and infiltrate our community trying to get from the 15 back on the 91 and they go through residential streets they it is just it just literally stops”

Talking about project to extend toll lanes on 91

“so the Riverside County Transportation Commission come extended the sales tax measure which is measure a of course and they included on the last one the funding for an additional laying on the 91 so this projects kind of a multiple level so we have additional general purpose lanes both directions and then knowing that that would not be enough we were able to be creative and we now have two tolling is it too in both directions taking from the orange county line and just extending it ”

Supportive of toll lanes

“people say well i’ve already paid my tax as well as we know the gas taxes have now increased we’ll talk about that yeah then there’s the fact that this the whole compensation is that california has not had the funding to improve transportation they’re way behind in all their maintenance and so we have to say you know our residents need this deserve it and so toll lanes is the only way that we can really find it and it’s not unusual it’s all across the country and you know if you always think about when they say it’s for the lexus people if I when I had children in daycare you’re late 10-15 minutes you were paying more than well”


Interview with Chino Valley USD Trustee Andrew Cruz

Quotes drawn from Charter Local Edition Interview

Moderator: School bonds have passed throughout CA recently

“we do know that throughout the region over school bonds on the ballot in many communities almost all of them won’t up a sale we know that state why there was measure 51 which is this is a white school bond nine billion dollars seven million for k-12 that passed”

Moderator: Measure G school bond measure is fortuitous for Chino Valley b/c of tie in with Prop 51

“I gotta say I mean I don’t know if you realize this when you put measure G on the battle but your timing was great because with the simultaneous passage of Prop 51 even though you’re there I mean they’re other school districts that are now scrambling because they don’t have a bond 51 did pass and they want to access those funds but they can’t access those funds until they have a vacuum for exactly so you know Chino Valley got very lucky”

Moderator: laying out the arguments against charter schools

“but is there a concern at that charter school or the proposed Sycamore Prep Academy that for example underserved students won’t be able to access the charter or teachers are not unionized so they don’t get benefits like they would if they were to standard public school or charters siphoning away resources from public schools”

Charters do bring different types of innovative ideas

“they do bring different types of innovative ideas when it comes to teaching our children indeed and and one day part is they bring values back to the school so so well moral values whatever it may be whatever may be so in some instances is good to have a diversity of home learning outcome teaching method”

Interview with Palm Desert Mayor

Palm Desert Mayor Pro Tem Sabby Jonathan

Quotes drawn from Charter Local Edition Interview:

Moderator: ” while California has twelve percent of the entire US population we have twenty one percent of the homeless population”

We’re moving to a housing first model for homelessness

“the housing first model is not just housing first it’s about getting the homeless people into the system right registering them triaging them evaluating what their needs are and truly trying to match them to resources that might help them not be homeless any longer”

Public safety is taking up half our budget

“city of Palm Desert is not at all unusual and seeing its public safety costs rise very very significantly for the first time ever in the city of Palm Desert Public Safety takes over half of our budget”

The old model for dealing with homelessness doesn’t work

“we’re seeing different models of interaction with the homeless the old model which is oh there’s a homeless person maybe he’s doing something illegal made right but you know let’s let’s take him to jail okay you’re using four hours of deputy time you’re incurring the tremendous cost and the jails overcrowded and they can’t pay their fine well guess what happen hour later literally they’re out and I mean they may go back right to where they came from they may go to another city but you’ve not impacted homelessness and you’ve made life much more difficult for them to get out of that cycle because of what you just said now they’re got a court date which does likely going to miss so there’s going to be a warrant for their arrest”