Interview with CA Assemblyman Todd Gloria

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

People with good jobs can’t afford to live here

“what I’m increasingly hearing from my constituents is that they can have very well-paying jobs and yet they can’t afford to live here”

Let’s streamline, but make sure all the gains don’t flow to developers

“some things that come to mind is to remove certain barriers to construction that correlation areas and increase the overall cost of housing here’s the trick though is it as we remove those barriers and perhaps allow more inventory more inventory means the prices hopefully come down what I want to hear is that if we make some of those efforts which I think we generally should that that is actually reflected in the price and that those dollars dont just flow into developers pockets I’m all about capitalism…by all means but let’s make sure that if we reduce some of the efforts if we streamline certain things to make more product get on the market sooner it hopefully help more working families out that they actually see that reflected in the rent and then for sale prices”

Colleagues up and down the state see that this is a problem

my colleagues up and down the state rural urban coastal or central everyone’s experience in this problem so that says to me that there’s opportunity and yes I we have heard the concerns from the League of California cities and others about whether or not the state should have a role in this but here’s the thing if they don’t act someone must because this in action means that more families are struggling to make ends meet and while I’m always been concerned about the low-income community of families in our communities the truth is I’m having middle-class families come to me and say something must be done”


Interview with CA State Senator Toni Atkins

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Housing is a big crisis

” I mean that’s the crisis California is facing right now it used to be we just had to find resources for low-income subsidized housing which I think it’s what you’re talking about i am but right now what we’re dealing with is a crisis of housing affordability and affordable housing for middle-class Californians cannot find rentals are home ownership opportunities this is a big crisis”

We’re going to price Californians out of the ability to live here

I think more and more everyone realizes if we don’t put some resources towards this we’re going to really price regular Californians who were born here out of the ability to live here and that’s just wrong ”

Interview with Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District Ex. Dir., Devin Best

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Quasi-governmental organization

“the upper Salinas Resource Conservation District other than a long name is a local nonprofit non-regulatory organization that works with local stakeholders to help manage their natural resources”

It’s still going to take a couple of years to get out of drought

“i would say we’re closer to being out of drought but I don’t feel comfortable saying we’re out of it yet we’re we’re getting closer this year was wetter but it’s going to take a couple of years before I feel like we’re really out of a drought ”

Interview with CA Senate Majority Leader Bill Monning

Notes from Charter Local Edition Interview

focused on sugar sweetened beverages

“we’re focused on sugar-sweetened beverages because of the impact of liquid sugar being the leading source of increased calories in young people’s diet ha and unlike sugar and food which we’re not endorsing but liquid sugars metabolized differently it makes the pancreas and the liver work overtime and it converts that sugar too fat so children who drinks the equivalent of two of these per day increase their likelihood of being acquiring diabetes type 2 preventable diabetes by twenty six percent ”

Wants to put a health warning label on these beverages

“the health safety warning label is designed to inform the choice of parents of teenagers of children of all consumers of these beverages”

A tax has shown to decrease consumption

“every jurisdiction where it’s been implemented they’ve measured a market and measurable decrease in caen some and they’ve used the revenue to promote public education so Mexico elimination imposed this a couple years ago they’ve seen a decline of ten to twelve percent and it was the leading per capita nation for consumption of coca-cola products”

Interview with CA State Senator Anthony Portantino (D)

Notes from CA local edition interview

A lot improves if you just start school later

“every single piece of research says that middle school and high school students are starting school before their brain is prepared to succeed and we’re completely and totally missing the boat just by moving the start time later no earlier than 830 a 13 schools that have done that have seen test scores go up college admission test scores go up attendance go up graduation rate goes up and at the same time drug use goes down car accidents go down and the American Psychological Association has even done a study inside the house and they’ve shown that the parent-child relationship improves by starting school later”

Interview with Jerome Horton, Calif State Board of Equalization

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Marijuana measures don’t have the right laws in place

“he measures just don’t have the appropriate regulation and laws and other protective citizens”

Prop 64 allows for vertical integration

“64 provides for vertical integration meaning meaning that the cultivator can actually own the distribution as well as the retail I think so it makes it very very complicated ‘

Marijuana tax is going to be 150%

“f you look at the marijuana it’s taxed at a rate now about a hundred and fifty percent so if you sell a 250 thousand dollars worth of marijuana your tax is going to be like 300,000”

We’re going to have a flood of illegal marijuana

“if you add in all the other cause it’s almost impossible to operate in the legal market so what it’s going to do in my opinion brad is going to shift the operation into the black market and I think we’ll have an infestation of illegal marijuana ”

This is a $54B criminal industry that we’re trying to convert into a legitimate operation

“it is a 54 billion dollar criminal industry that we’re trying to convert into a legitimate operation and you just don’t do that by putting the revenue first you do it actually by putting the regulations in place the laws ”

We want to shift the tax up the supply chain to make it easier to tax

“shift the collection of the tax from the 20,000 distributors to the processes in the manufacturers so we have less people that we have to regulate less people that we have to control makes it easier and on the banking side you have 20 30 folks that you have to worry”