Interview with CA Board of Equalization Chair Diane Harkey

Interview with Charter Local Edition

Moderator: You are now the highest ranking Republican in CA

“you are now the highest ranking Republican in this state of California an honor indeed”

State spending has continually escalated

“i watch the way our state has continually just escalated on the spending side there i mean i think when we had the crash grip maybe our state budget or of general fund with 103 billion or something is like 179 now it’s up its way out there although i’m just saying i think that at some point we have to have some economies”

My goal is to get people employed

“my goal the board is to get people employed and working and I really want to see some of those some of those well-paying jobs to stay in the state of California I’m tired of hearing people taking off and going out of state and so you know in as much as tax reform happens a little bit on the federal level that will allow repatriation of dollars look I think that will help tremendous”