Interview with with Long Beach CCD Vice President Jeff Kellogg

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Brown’s budget isn’t great isn’t bad

“we’ve said this repeatedly that but the Governor Brown is it wasn’t a bad budget was a great budget but it was a budget that we are anticipating no increase on our students for their tuition that were i also would still stay at forty six dollars a unit ”

We are going to get less funding via prop 98 but can’t complain

“the negative was that with the prop 98 funding that we always talked about that’s shared I would never quite figure it out and I don’t think anyone except for a few people really understand how is funded but our percentage for community colleges has been reduced in that formula with prop 98 so that means the community colleges in California are going to get less money allocated per prop 98 but overall you can’t complain”

State legislature ultimately decides the funding

“the funding for community colleges is based to the state legislature so it comes down to the state legislature wants to increase the funding or not and they don’t have an appetite for that because they’ve been putting a lot of pressure on the cal state and the UC system about not doing that so it’d be someone super critical if they say that to the other two higher educational systems and the one for Community College ”

Seventy percent of our students are really on financial aid via pell grants

“really our funding for community colleges based on your look notes through the federal government with Pell Grants that’s really the Nexus of funding come to the state of California and drops down in the community all right so really most of…seventy to eighty percent of our students are really on financial aid”

Don’t really know what to expect in terms of funding from new administration

” we learned that we don’t really know what to expect yet from the administration as far as community colleges the Pell Grant and the Perkins Act which goes more towards the trades those areas we believe are still going to be treated the same but we really don’t know and so the trip was it was interesting because the administration but as I came back from there had a lot more questions and answers and it’s just the beginning of the processes when we round out ”