Interview with West Covina Councilman James Toma

Quotes from Charter Local Edition

West Covina is a good “bedroom community”

“West Covina right we have about one hundred and seven hundred ten thousand people very diverse City its majority Latino is a good number of Asian Americans also we have middle class we have wealthy people we have working class poor people so it’s a very diverse interesting place it’s a good bedroom community a lot of I families go there because good community to live in good schools”

Two big malls in West Covina

“two big ones of people know there’s the plaza west covina which is people refer to it as the west covina mall right why they’re out of ten thousands and thousand people passed by it he is every day huge is probably the largest mall in the San Gabriel Valley area ”

…”the other one is the Eastland center over there off of Branca not too far away on the other side of the freeway that has the target and a lot of shopping center shopping stores and restaurants and things like that and that also does very”

Moderator: Cities are supposed to revise their general plan every 10 years or so

“every city is supposed to look at its general plan which I’m holding up right now every aisle maybe ten years or so there’s no prescription of when it should happen but when’s the last time west covina looked at a general plan in over 30 years it was in Maycomb 85 when it last looked at its general plan”