Interview with Transamerica Center for Health Studies Exec Dir Hector De La Torre

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

State Govs got a good deal to expand Medicaid

“you’re getting not a hundred percent match in the beginning ninety percent federal match today to fund this expansion it was a really good deal and we’ve seen the numbers grow we have over 11 million people in Medicaid additional people and Medicaid today than we did before the ACA”

Proposals in Congress are to roll back expansion

“the proposal on the table right now that’s being talked about behind closed doors in Congress is to eliminate the expansion so you would roll back that income level that I mentioned back to what it was in 2010 which is one hundred percent of federal poverty about eleven thousand dollars for an individual and about twenty four thousand dollars for a family of four so if you make below that you would qualify anything above it you’re on your own”

w/o Fed Funding CA would need to spend money that we don’t have to keep it

“if California want any of these states could continue to do it on their own so in the California ninety percent the federal gov in California that would be about 10 billion dollars that we don’t have right that that would be over ten percent of our general fund budget so we don’t have that kind of money to backfill the amount so those people would be on there”

Exchanges will lose subsidies, replace with rebates, but not as helpful

“exchanges themselves it probably will lose funding from the federal government and heavily subsidized from the federal government but but the real issue there is the subsidy for the individual consuming the tax break that is advancing and has been used to create discounts for the consumers in fact over eighty percent of people in the exchanges get some kind of a discount because of their income they’re going to roll that back and and not make it an advanced Abal tax break so you could get the tax break but you’d get it at the end of the year that’s not going to help people month-to-month paying their cream”

Going to lose month to month subsidies in favor of tax credits

“so currently let’s say you have a policy on the exchange and the sticker price is two hundred dollars a month right but you qualify based on your income you make you know thirty five forty fifty thousand dollars and you qualify for some kind of a subsidy a tax break subsidy right now they advance you that subsidy months two months and to reduce your price down to say a hundred dollars a month that makes it really affordable makes it a good deal you don’t qualify for the tax break at the end of the year career you’ve used it throughout the year but that that advanced pay minor really makes it a huge difference and we’re going to close that under this proposal”