Interview with Manhattan Beach Councilmember Wayne Powell

Quotes from Charter Local Edition

Moderator: Dsal has become popular

” let’s talk about Desalle because there’s no doubt that D cell has become a very popular tool in the shed when looking at the portfolio of water options

Moderator: San Diego Dsal cost 1 billion serves 7% of the need

“I mean we know in San Diego the Carlsbad project recently opened biggest in the Western Hemisphere cost almost a billion dollars of private money took a long time to get online but it’s providing San Diego County with 50 million gallons daily we’re about seven percent of the need for three million San Diego residents ”

San Diego Dsal plant produces way too much water though and has raised cost of water

“well that plant is producing way too much water they filled up their storage facilities they’re actually putting water back into the ocean and rate payers are paying big time because we know for example that when this plant went online San Diego customers their bills have risen about five to seven dollars or month”

Recycling is a better first line option

“there are so many great options the first and foremost is water recycling with commercial and industrial use and the West basin municipal water district does an excellent job of that and statistics show that if they did ten percent more recycling there wouldn’t be any need for a desal plant”

D-sal is expensive, why bother?

“droughts are cyclical and desalination is a bad thing it’s very expensive it’s not used all the time and again when you can do water conservation and recycling which makes d-cell the necessity for a diesel at unnecessary why bother”

Moderator: we do know there are problems, but a lot of people percieve carlsbad is a success and there is proposal for one in el segundo

“I think that’s undeniable we also know its energy intensive and as a result could have impacts on climate change but what we also know is that given what for seem to be the success of Carlsbad despite what you’re saying I mean we’ve had a wet year so this may not be the best year to analyze there is an effort to open a desal plant in the south bay in el segundo”

MOderator: Manhattan beach and Hermosa Beach are unanimously opposed

“there are discussions about opening like you said this desal plant in the south bay some say could even be bigger than Carlsbad which was huge the proposal is to up to 60 million gallons a day of Carlsbad at 50 million costing between 500 million and close to a billion I believe that both the cities of Manhattan Beach and hermosa beach which generally aren’t aligned have taken a very similar position with regard to this South a decent right they both had unanimous resolutions of opposition”

Manhattan Beach can and will challenge the environmental impact report

“Manhattan Beach and other cities can and will challenge the environmental impact report”

It creates detrimental impacts to the environment

“the question is why do we need a desal plant in el segundo let’s talk about the detrimental impacts to the environment first of all the process sucks in marine life because the filters aren’t fine enough it pours out highly concentrated salt brine which is toxic and creates dead zones and you mentioned earlier it uses dirty energy”