Interview with Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Right now everyone is talking about prop 47

“right now because everyone’s talking about prop 47 so we’ve had two full years of property and let’s remind our viewers Prop 47 reclassified certain felonies to misdemeanors a lot of drug possession types of all drug possession cases now can only be prosecuted as misdemeanor eyes no matter how many violations you have no matter how many times you get caught ”

Seeing a gradual uptick in violent crime but still way down from the 90s

“in the last two years people have been looking very carefully at the statistics in Long Beach we’ve seen a twelve percent increase in murder in the last two years and we’ve seen a ten percent increase in all violent crime which is a lot but historically we are still at all-time lows if you look at where we were just in the early in mid 90 right give you an example the murder rate has definitely gone up in the last few years in Long Beach i think it was around 36 in the last year or two in the 1994 i believe it was we had over a hundred in fact there were a couple years there we had over a hundred so we’re at a third of what we were just two decades ago but we are seeing an uptick”

Moderator: SOme people are linking property crime to AB 109

“as a result arguably of a be 109 which is prison realignment sending lower level offenders from state prison to county jail right that the study said that there have been an uptick in some of these property type crimes and the studies were linking it to a be 109”

Interesting that crime was still going down even in the recession

“as the recession was hitting you know five six seven eight years ago we still saw a general decline right I’m it wasn’t in really until even with a be 109 it kind of stopped the trend but we didn’t see an increase in crime it really wasn’t until Prop 47 that we started to see that that increase and so you’re right we did see a slightincrease in crime at the same time the economy seem to be doing better but I don’t know that there is a real economic cycle that you could point to here because crime was going down at the same time people were losing their job right we’re losing their homes and that happened over five or six year period”

We’re much better at catching criminals today because of technology

“it possible that the police are more effective at catching the people who are committing property crimes and that is stopping them instead of having a five-year spree you know they’re having a five months free whereas years ago you didn’t have”

Federal government is putting local law enforcement in a terrible position

“the federal government is putting local law enforcement in a terrible position by making statements at local law enforcement is going to help the poor low low end offenders someone who’s driving on a suspended license for example that is not type of thing that traditionally we’ve deported people for and saying that you’re going to deport them and saying that local law enforcement is going to be part of that deportation process I think over the long term is going to hurt Public Safety locally you’re going to see a lot less cooperation in migrant communities who in many times are the victims of the violent crime”