Interview with LA Councilman Mitch O’Farrell

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Diverse district

“the 13th district is very very progressive on many many issues but it’s also the most diverse district you have other languages spoken various religions various beliefs in various issues that are important in small segmented population and so to stitch all of that together and have a message that really so people understand that you are there for everyone regardless of who they are where they’re from language they speak and I think that’s the point that we have to constantly make that that their interests are my interests ”

We have a psychologically damaged narcissist in the White House

“I think it’s very fair to say that we have we should be very concerned about what hearing from the Trump administration and the White House by his executive orders by his wacky tweets by his accusations that are unsubstantiated I think we have a psychologically damaged narcissist in the White House and there are things that we need to watch out for because of that”

We need to stand up to the threat

“I think threats are one thing and then follow throughs or another and I think that we have to hold our ground and mak sure that the administration in Washington DC understands that Los Angeles is a city of compassion and we are a city of tolerance and we welcome everyone and also we have certain rights we have constitutional rights and we have state rights right and I think that we should we really need to work together collectively as never before at every level and go on the offensive if we have to to make sure that we assert those rights on who we are and not let anyone no matter who occupies the White House let anyone trample on those rights and harm us as individuals and as a community”

Community redevelopment agencies were shut down but the funding mechanism is the same

“so the community redevelopment agencies were shut down reinder under Governor Brown right uh but the funding mechanism is exactly the same its tax increment financing right so what you do is you take a future increase in incremental dollars collected and you allocate a small percentage of those future increases to be reinvested right back within a geographic area”