Interview with Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Some states that have abolished the death penalty are considering bringing it back

“many states that have abolished the death penalty over the last 10 years or so you know some of those states are actually now considering bringing it back there’s at least I think two states that have thought about bringing it back it’s it’s been ok a proposal to bring it back”

CA is a blue state but when it comes to law and order…

“I think what happens in California is that California is a blue state as to presidential election but when it comes to to law and order there’s some…”

I think voters didn’t really get proposition 47 and 57

” I think proposition 47 which passed in forty and fifty seven are widely misunderstood by voters I think that the labeling of those two initiatives calling them rehabilitation calling them you know prison reform I think voters didn’t get that what they were really accomplishing”

Moderator: amazing that liberals favor death penalty

“in Riverside County Hillary Clinton takes the county by a solid five points okay okay I wasn’t as if there was none of the above about seven percent voted for someone else right but she gets almost fifty percent Donald Trump gets about forty four percent the same county devoted almost fifty percent for Hillary Clinton’s right voted sixty-four percent to keep the death penalty”

Going to start having executions again soon because of prop 66

“I don’t know if all if I go that far to say that that we’re going to have a lot a lot of executions fast but i will say i think we’re going to start having executions again in the next year or two”