Interview with West Covina Councilman James Toma

Quotes from Charter Local Edition

West Covina is a good “bedroom community”

“West Covina right we have about one hundred and seven hundred ten thousand people very diverse City its majority Latino is a good number of Asian Americans also we have middle class we have wealthy people we have working class poor people so it’s a very diverse interesting place it’s a good bedroom community a lot of I families go there because good community to live in good schools”

Two big malls in West Covina

“two big ones of people know there’s the plaza west covina which is people refer to it as the west covina mall right why they’re out of ten thousands and thousand people passed by it he is every day huge is probably the largest mall in the San Gabriel Valley area ”

…”the other one is the Eastland center over there off of Branca not too far away on the other side of the freeway that has the target and a lot of shopping center shopping stores and restaurants and things like that and that also does very”

Moderator: Cities are supposed to revise their general plan every 10 years or so

“every city is supposed to look at its general plan which I’m holding up right now every aisle maybe ten years or so there’s no prescription of when it should happen but when’s the last time west covina looked at a general plan in over 30 years it was in Maycomb 85 when it last looked at its general plan”

Interview with Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Right now everyone is talking about prop 47

“right now because everyone’s talking about prop 47 so we’ve had two full years of property and let’s remind our viewers Prop 47 reclassified certain felonies to misdemeanors a lot of drug possession types of all drug possession cases now can only be prosecuted as misdemeanor eyes no matter how many violations you have no matter how many times you get caught ”

Seeing a gradual uptick in violent crime but still way down from the 90s

“in the last two years people have been looking very carefully at the statistics in Long Beach we’ve seen a twelve percent increase in murder in the last two years and we’ve seen a ten percent increase in all violent crime which is a lot but historically we are still at all-time lows if you look at where we were just in the early in mid 90 right give you an example the murder rate has definitely gone up in the last few years in Long Beach i think it was around 36 in the last year or two in the 1994 i believe it was we had over a hundred in fact there were a couple years there we had over a hundred so we’re at a third of what we were just two decades ago but we are seeing an uptick”

Moderator: SOme people are linking property crime to AB 109

“as a result arguably of a be 109 which is prison realignment sending lower level offenders from state prison to county jail right that the study said that there have been an uptick in some of these property type crimes and the studies were linking it to a be 109”

Interesting that crime was still going down even in the recession

“as the recession was hitting you know five six seven eight years ago we still saw a general decline right I’m it wasn’t in really until even with a be 109 it kind of stopped the trend but we didn’t see an increase in crime it really wasn’t until Prop 47 that we started to see that that increase and so you’re right we did see a slightincrease in crime at the same time the economy seem to be doing better but I don’t know that there is a real economic cycle that you could point to here because crime was going down at the same time people were losing their job right we’re losing their homes and that happened over five or six year period”

We’re much better at catching criminals today because of technology

“it possible that the police are more effective at catching the people who are committing property crimes and that is stopping them instead of having a five-year spree you know they’re having a five months free whereas years ago you didn’t have”

Federal government is putting local law enforcement in a terrible position

“the federal government is putting local law enforcement in a terrible position by making statements at local law enforcement is going to help the poor low low end offenders someone who’s driving on a suspended license for example that is not type of thing that traditionally we’ve deported people for and saying that you’re going to deport them and saying that local law enforcement is going to be part of that deportation process I think over the long term is going to hurt Public Safety locally you’re going to see a lot less cooperation in migrant communities who in many times are the victims of the violent crime”

Interview with with Long Beach CCD Vice President Jeff Kellogg

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

Brown’s budget isn’t great isn’t bad

“we’ve said this repeatedly that but the Governor Brown is it wasn’t a bad budget was a great budget but it was a budget that we are anticipating no increase on our students for their tuition that were i also would still stay at forty six dollars a unit ”

We are going to get less funding via prop 98 but can’t complain

“the negative was that with the prop 98 funding that we always talked about that’s shared I would never quite figure it out and I don’t think anyone except for a few people really understand how is funded but our percentage for community colleges has been reduced in that formula with prop 98 so that means the community colleges in California are going to get less money allocated per prop 98 but overall you can’t complain”

State legislature ultimately decides the funding

“the funding for community colleges is based to the state legislature so it comes down to the state legislature wants to increase the funding or not and they don’t have an appetite for that because they’ve been putting a lot of pressure on the cal state and the UC system about not doing that so it’d be someone super critical if they say that to the other two higher educational systems and the one for Community College ”

Seventy percent of our students are really on financial aid via pell grants

“really our funding for community colleges based on your look notes through the federal government with Pell Grants that’s really the Nexus of funding come to the state of California and drops down in the community all right so really most of…seventy to eighty percent of our students are really on financial aid”

Don’t really know what to expect in terms of funding from new administration

” we learned that we don’t really know what to expect yet from the administration as far as community colleges the Pell Grant and the Perkins Act which goes more towards the trades those areas we believe are still going to be treated the same but we really don’t know and so the trip was it was interesting because the administration but as I came back from there had a lot more questions and answers and it’s just the beginning of the processes when we round out ”

Interview with LA Councilman Mitch O’Farrell

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Diverse district

“the 13th district is very very progressive on many many issues but it’s also the most diverse district you have other languages spoken various religions various beliefs in various issues that are important in small segmented population and so to stitch all of that together and have a message that really so people understand that you are there for everyone regardless of who they are where they’re from language they speak and I think that’s the point that we have to constantly make that that their interests are my interests ”

We have a psychologically damaged narcissist in the White House

“I think it’s very fair to say that we have we should be very concerned about what hearing from the Trump administration and the White House by his executive orders by his wacky tweets by his accusations that are unsubstantiated I think we have a psychologically damaged narcissist in the White House and there are things that we need to watch out for because of that”

We need to stand up to the threat

“I think threats are one thing and then follow throughs or another and I think that we have to hold our ground and mak sure that the administration in Washington DC understands that Los Angeles is a city of compassion and we are a city of tolerance and we welcome everyone and also we have certain rights we have constitutional rights and we have state rights right and I think that we should we really need to work together collectively as never before at every level and go on the offensive if we have to to make sure that we assert those rights on who we are and not let anyone no matter who occupies the White House let anyone trample on those rights and harm us as individuals and as a community”

Community redevelopment agencies were shut down but the funding mechanism is the same

“so the community redevelopment agencies were shut down reinder under Governor Brown right uh but the funding mechanism is exactly the same its tax increment financing right so what you do is you take a future increase in incremental dollars collected and you allocate a small percentage of those future increases to be reinvested right back within a geographic area”

Interview with Manhattan Beach Councilmember Wayne Powell

Quotes from Charter Local Edition

Moderator: Dsal has become popular

” let’s talk about Desalle because there’s no doubt that D cell has become a very popular tool in the shed when looking at the portfolio of water options

Moderator: San Diego Dsal cost 1 billion serves 7% of the need

“I mean we know in San Diego the Carlsbad project recently opened biggest in the Western Hemisphere cost almost a billion dollars of private money took a long time to get online but it’s providing San Diego County with 50 million gallons daily we’re about seven percent of the need for three million San Diego residents ”

San Diego Dsal plant produces way too much water though and has raised cost of water

“well that plant is producing way too much water they filled up their storage facilities they’re actually putting water back into the ocean and rate payers are paying big time because we know for example that when this plant went online San Diego customers their bills have risen about five to seven dollars or month”

Recycling is a better first line option

“there are so many great options the first and foremost is water recycling with commercial and industrial use and the West basin municipal water district does an excellent job of that and statistics show that if they did ten percent more recycling there wouldn’t be any need for a desal plant”

D-sal is expensive, why bother?

“droughts are cyclical and desalination is a bad thing it’s very expensive it’s not used all the time and again when you can do water conservation and recycling which makes d-cell the necessity for a diesel at unnecessary why bother”

Moderator: we do know there are problems, but a lot of people percieve carlsbad is a success and there is proposal for one in el segundo

“I think that’s undeniable we also know its energy intensive and as a result could have impacts on climate change but what we also know is that given what for seem to be the success of Carlsbad despite what you’re saying I mean we’ve had a wet year so this may not be the best year to analyze there is an effort to open a desal plant in the south bay in el segundo”

MOderator: Manhattan beach and Hermosa Beach are unanimously opposed

“there are discussions about opening like you said this desal plant in the south bay some say could even be bigger than Carlsbad which was huge the proposal is to up to 60 million gallons a day of Carlsbad at 50 million costing between 500 million and close to a billion I believe that both the cities of Manhattan Beach and hermosa beach which generally aren’t aligned have taken a very similar position with regard to this South a decent right they both had unanimous resolutions of opposition”

Manhattan Beach can and will challenge the environmental impact report

“Manhattan Beach and other cities can and will challenge the environmental impact report”

It creates detrimental impacts to the environment

“the question is why do we need a desal plant in el segundo let’s talk about the detrimental impacts to the environment first of all the process sucks in marine life because the filters aren’t fine enough it pours out highly concentrated salt brine which is toxic and creates dead zones and you mentioned earlier it uses dirty energy”

Interview with Transamerica Center for Health Studies Exec Dir Hector De La Torre

Quotes from Charter Local Edition Interview

State Govs got a good deal to expand Medicaid

“you’re getting not a hundred percent match in the beginning ninety percent federal match today to fund this expansion it was a really good deal and we’ve seen the numbers grow we have over 11 million people in Medicaid additional people and Medicaid today than we did before the ACA”

Proposals in Congress are to roll back expansion

“the proposal on the table right now that’s being talked about behind closed doors in Congress is to eliminate the expansion so you would roll back that income level that I mentioned back to what it was in 2010 which is one hundred percent of federal poverty about eleven thousand dollars for an individual and about twenty four thousand dollars for a family of four so if you make below that you would qualify anything above it you’re on your own”

w/o Fed Funding CA would need to spend money that we don’t have to keep it

“if California want any of these states could continue to do it on their own so in the California ninety percent the federal gov in California that would be about 10 billion dollars that we don’t have right that that would be over ten percent of our general fund budget so we don’t have that kind of money to backfill the amount so those people would be on there”

Exchanges will lose subsidies, replace with rebates, but not as helpful

“exchanges themselves it probably will lose funding from the federal government and heavily subsidized from the federal government but but the real issue there is the subsidy for the individual consuming the tax break that is advancing and has been used to create discounts for the consumers in fact over eighty percent of people in the exchanges get some kind of a discount because of their income they’re going to roll that back and and not make it an advanced Abal tax break so you could get the tax break but you’d get it at the end of the year that’s not going to help people month-to-month paying their cream”

Going to lose month to month subsidies in favor of tax credits

“so currently let’s say you have a policy on the exchange and the sticker price is two hundred dollars a month right but you qualify based on your income you make you know thirty five forty fifty thousand dollars and you qualify for some kind of a subsidy a tax break subsidy right now they advance you that subsidy months two months and to reduce your price down to say a hundred dollars a month that makes it really affordable makes it a good deal you don’t qualify for the tax break at the end of the year career you’ve used it throughout the year but that that advanced pay minor really makes it a huge difference and we’re going to close that under this proposal”